Hosta "Kaleidochrome" review

A Hosta longipes seedling from Japan, unlike any other variegated hosta. Superb specimen plant. Looks more like a montana seedling. Seedling from Japan, (possibly Hosta longipes parentage) - Small to Medium? (10" X 22") The most exciting hosta that I have seen in years, this beauty is streaked bright yellow and green. My narrow leaves have widened the second year but the variegation is just as good. To my delight it is fertile and I am trying to imagine the wondrous seedlings that will soon appear in my seedling flats. It blooms here in June on tall straight scapes, almost Hosta montana like.

Hosta "Kaleidochrome" information:

Size Category small - medium
Hosta height x width 25x56 cm (10x22 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 13x6 cm (5x2 in.) inches
Vein pairs 5-6
Leaf color
Variegation streaked, unstable
Leaf type glossy
Petiole glossy
Scape yellow
Scape height 40 cm (16 in.)
Flower pale lavender,tubular
Flower length
Flowering period July - August
Sports 'Monochrome' sport/yy 'Vuvuzela' sport/yg