In the catalogue of flowers on our website you can easily pick up saplings and rhizomes of plants on necessary parametres. Convenient filtration system will allow you to specify your choice on a variety of characteristics. Also, you can easily find flowers for flower beds in our online store:

  • Perennials and flowers that bloom all summer;
  • Long blooming perennials;
  • flowers for cottage house;
  • Flowers for planting in the front garden;
  • soil-covering and stunted perennials;
  • Decorative deciduous;
  • perennials in containers;
  • for alpine slide;
  • for wet or dry soil;
  • Shadow flowers.

The duration of flowering largely determine the value of the species for use. We recommend combining species with different flowering dates to create a garden of continuous flowering:

  • Springtime (badan, frostbite, primrose, violet, brunniere, medullary).
  • Spring-summer (peonies, catchment area, vitriol, irises, oriental poppy,
  • lupine, bells, niwicks, carnations, clematises).
  • Summer-autumn (helium, heliopsis, petals, bells, floxes, echinacea,rudbecue, sage, perennial asters, peelings)
  • Winter (frostbite eastern and black).

Buy flowers and other plants online – it is profitable and convenient. In our online shop you will find different varieties of different plants, which can be purchased inexpensively.