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Gas, charcoal and electric smokers

A smoker is a device designed to smoke various products. It is a metal container, inside which there is a grate for food, a bottom for fuel placement and a tray for fat and juice collection. The tank must be covered with a lid. Smoking takes place under the influence of smoldering fuel, which gives meat and fish a unique taste.

And the question: “How to choose a smoker?” is of interest to many people. After all, the dishes cooked on it, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Smokerhouse varieties are classified into different species according to several parameters. So, on a kind of fuel distinguish coal, gas and electric devices. In a household electric smokers are most often used.

Smoke is produced by special heating elements. When choosing this type, it is worth choosing a universal model that allows the process to be carried out at different temperature levels. In gas appliances, smoking is carried out due to the heat of stones of volcanic origin, heated by a gas burner. This type of combustion is extremely rare. The best quality and natural smoking is carried out only in coal-fired devices. Wood or coal is used as fuel. In the first case, the product acquires an additional flavor by using different types of wood. Professional and household smokers are distinguished by their purpose. The first type differs with more impressive dimensions, high productivity. In them for one reception the big lot of a product is placed.