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If you need to restore the mineral balance of the soil you can use several methods.

The first is that not to sow on the treated soil. This is not entirely feasible from the economic viewpoint. The second method of soil restoration is fertilization. Fertilizers can be either organic or mineral. Organic fertilizers are considered to be rotten products of animal origin. Not all farms are engaged in animal husbandry, so to get enough organic fertilizer is extremely difficult. The way out of this situation will be the application of mineral fertilizers.
Most of the mineral fertilizers are presented in the form of pellets. A special machine, the spreader, should be used for quality surface spreading. But to finally solve the problem, first it is necessary to buy a fertilizer spreader of high quality with manufacturer’s guarantee and preferably without overpayment.
All the pellets that have been filled in go from the bunker into the feeding area. If the manure spreader is mounted, it is only a hole that is covered by a special slide gate. In the case of large spreaders, the mineral fertiliser is fed directly to the spreader by a screw. It feeds the pellets into special dosing wells.
From there, the mineralised pellets reach the spreading discs in a targeted manner. Once on these discs, the fertiliser is spread by centrifugal force and is absorbed directly onto the soil surface and due to its moisture content it is absorbed as quickly as possible.
The right choice of quality fertilizer spreader will bring positive results to your agricultural work, and the spreader will serve for many years without the need to replace it.