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Lounge Chairs

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Lounge chairs

The fashion for armchairs began in the 18th century. During the time of Anna Stewart, everyone used to buy lounge chair for their homes in order to show their status.  exquisite materials were used, the fabric of the upholstery and decorative elements were carefully selected, which presented the status of the owners. Natural leather, luxurious velvet, wool, precious woods reflected the high status of the owners. Fashion is cyclical – one era repeats another, but the demand for stylish models remains. Designers are constantly rethinking classic models. Mixed sets of furniture are in fashion, which adds to the modern interior in an original way.

The lounge is an important area of ​​commercial and business areas, as well as a key area in the interior of the house. While in the lounge chair, guests tune in to the atmosphere of the establishment, can relax or have a good time while waiting. That is why it is important to browse among lounge chairs for sale and buy one. Lounge chairs take up less space than wide-format models, therefore they are suitable for many different places like:

  • Hotel lobby;
  • Lounge area of ​​the restaurant;
  • Cafe;
  • Dining or living room;
  • On covered verandas, balconies and terraces;

Nevertheless, lounge chairs for garden look great too.

The lounge chair and ottoman may be used together to maximize the relaxation in country houses or luxury hotel lobbies. Nonetheless, if the budget is low, there are cheap lounge chairs, that look great too. The sitting height of the lounge chair is 35-40 cm, therefore, it is more suitable for coffee tables instead of dining tables. You can use them for a light meal if you enough free space and leave enough space for movement.