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Any gardener knows that every tree or shrub has its own characteristics. Everything depends on the age of the plant, its size, structure and surrounding conditions. In other words, to take care of a garden, you need a hand tool for different purposes. Our store offers you a garden tool for trimming, which allows you to take into account a variety of factors and features of plant care. For example, you need to use a tree loppers to remove thin branches and small limbs. It differs from a conventional pruning shear, firstly, in its size and secondly in its ability to cut larger branches. So, choosing a set of tools for cutting trees and shrubs, it is worth considering that tree loppers is a more powerful tool than a pruning shear. It is more overall, has long levers. Mechanical loppers are effective for cutting thick, perennial branches. It can be used to cut branches up to 45 mm in diameter. The increased working area and the increased lever effect allow you to use this type of garden tool for large quantities of work without much physical effort. Manufacturers produce loppers with two cutting blades and an anvil, i.e. identical to the pruning shears. We also offer a number of technically advanced models.

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