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To create a beautiful background in your garden you need to sow lawn grass. Such a background not only harmoniously connects various garden areas, but also protects the earth from drying out. In addition, in our time, you can buy a mixture of seeds for the lawn, which after growth will not need constant thorough care.
In addition, such Dutch and other high-quality lawn grass, which you can buy in our online store, is resistant to trampling, bad weather conditions and doesn’t need frequent mowing. Also, it will retain a saturated green color until late autumn, and sometimes until the first frosts.

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Each owner of a private house or suburban area wants to make this area as beautiful as possible so that it is pleasant to spend time here with family or friends. Garden lawn grass grown from the seeds of spicy plants looks very beautiful, but such seeds are expensive and not everyone can afford such a luxury.
Where can I use lawn grass?

The plants with which the lawn is created have different qualities, due to which it is possible to select mixtures of herbs that are suitable for creating a green grass carpet for sports fields, personal plots, flower beds, to create a beautiful background in the garden, etc.

For example, for a country house where people spend their weekends and holidays, it is worth choosing a type of lawn grass that will not require frequent watering and care.

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