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Outdoor and indoor electric grills

Modern models of contact and contactless electric grilles are characterised by features that are often not available for other kitchen appliances:

1) time saving and the ability to cook large amounts of food.

Spacious models with multiple food compartments allow you to cook 2-3 dishes simultaneously in a short period of time.

2) Electric grilling gives you an opportunity to have healthy diet.

You can fry, stew, bake food without adding oil or any other fats. That’s especially important for those who are committed to healthy lifestyle or who are forced to adhere to a strict regime in the diet for health reasons.

3) Absence of smells during cooking (closed models).

Unlike the traditional grill, the electric grill does not emit any odors during cooking. This is convenient in the home kitchen, including even a small studio apartment. Nevertheless, an outdoor grill is a perfect choice for garden.

4) Silent cooking.

Most of the models are characterized by low noise production.

5) Versatility.

On the electric grill you can cook dishes from different products: meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, eggs, bread, cereals.

6) Wide functionality. In addition to its primary purpose, it is used for extinguishing, roasting, defrosting and warming up.