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Best tillers for garden

The arrival of spring for gardeners is associated with preparatory planting work. First they prepare the soil and then they start planting plants. Soil loosening is the most time-consuming activity. Some of gardeners use a shovel for this purpose, but more advanced countrymen have already purchased cultivators long ago. They make it much easier and faster to cultivate even large areas of land.
A cultivator is a special device that not only loosens the soil, but also removes unnecessary weeds at the same time. With this device you can not only till the soil, but also fertilize it. It is also used in the subsequent care of planted orchard crops: seedbeds are covered, thinned and the soil between them is loosened.
In comparison with a motor-block the hand cultivator is not so powerful, but it cannot be referred to as negative point, as the device quite copes with the assigned tasks and with the productivity. In addition, thanks to its versatility, it can be used in hard-to-reach areas of the earth.