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Carts in general can be divided into two main types:

  • Carts for building needs.

Much more massive, designed to move loads weighing up to 250 kg, including mortars and bricks;

  • Carts for garden

Load-carrying capacity of these trucks is usually up to 100 kg.
So the first criterion for choosing a cart is payload. If you are planning to build on the site and will be moving solid cargo – choose a construction, heavier and more reliable. If you just need a cart for household needs, take a garden one.
The second important criterion for choosing a garden cart is the number of wheels. There are three varieties:

  1. Single-wheeled. Their main advantage is their maneuverability. If you have narrow pathways, a single wheeled cart is a good choice. But it will not be easy to carry loads on it on soft soil, the wheel will be loaded in the ground. Keeping a balance with such a loaded wheelbarrow is also more difficult;
  2. Two-wheeled. Also quite maneuverable, they have a better distribution of the load on the soil, so they are more convenient to use in beds where there is no dense road. However, the distance between the two wheels of the wheelbarrow should correspond to the width of your lanes;
  3. Four-wheeled. The most reliable, but a little clumsy in handling. Four-wheeled carts are most often used to transport heavy loads, and they are capable of carrying solid weights.