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The pitchforks shape is chosen for each type of work.

The catalog of our online store presents products best brands. Pitchforks is used in various areas of economic activity:

  • Work with soil – its loosening, digging, fertilizing, harvesting processes;
  • preparation of hay for animals for the winter;
  • replacement of covering for cattle.

Such tool is indispensable for rural residents and is popular among cottage residents.

This is due to the advantages of the tool:

  1. Ease of use. Compared to shovels and metal rakes, the pitchforks are lighter;
  2. Long, thin tines. Depending on their number, the tool is used for working with soil or hay.
  3. Multifunctionality. Pitchforks are used to cultivate the ground, dig weeds, dig potatoes, clean up manure in the barn, etc.
  4. Availability. The price for the tool does not hit on a pocket.

However, it is recommended to purchase special purpose pitchforks for each type of work. Farmers are more likely to be forged with flat teeth. And cattle breeders will need haydogs.

The need for a pitchforks in the farm does not depend on the change of seasons. They are always ready to become reliable helpers. According to experts, such equipment is useful in cold winter and hot summer.

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