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Framed Swimming Pools

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When you hear the word “swimming pool”, before your eyes there is a nice exciting picture of a warm blue water with sunny bunnies under the blue sky on a hot July day at your favorite summer cottage. Inflatable pool can please only the child and then not long. And you definitely want the whole family to have fun splashing, and also to jump off the slide. The frame pool is what you need.

In our shop the choice of framed pools is big enough. You can choose according to your needs and money you are ready to spend. In general, frame pools can be seasonal, which do not withstand low temperatures, and all-season, more precisely, frost-resistant, stationary.

Advantages of framed swimming pools

Framed swimming pool is the best option for small cottage and with limited area. It is not expensive. Installation of the pool will not take more than an hour. It will please you 6-7 seasons. In our shop you can buy additional devices, stairs, slides, different chemicals to maintain water purity, pumps.