The Hosta Farm is now Closed

The health problems we have been faced with has ruined our cash flow. I appreciate all the great customers we have had down th years.

If you have already paid for your order you should receive a refund check with in the next 15 Days: Between April 10th - April 15th

If you placed a Bill Me order your order will not be sent and since no money has been exchanged there is no reason to do anything.

The Phone lines will be shut down and we have terminated all positions at the Nursery. Please do not try to call and leave a voice mail as your message is not being recorded - we ended our contract with custom contact a few days ago.

IIt has been a pleasure doing business with you but we did not sell enough this spring to keep a steady cash flow and we will run out of money before Mothers Day.

You will be refunded - if you paid by credit card you will receive a refund check.  Some orders where never charged so you will need to find your Hostas else where.  Double check your Bank or Credit Card statements to see if you where charged.  We did not charge many cards because we where afraid this may happen.