Best accessories for swimming pool

The pool is easy to buy, put and pour water in, but after about a week the water becomes greenish, and after two not transparent at all. Everything is the fault of phytoplankton. If you do not clean the pool, the phytoplankton will sit on the walls, and the pool will turn into a swamp.

Yes, the most difficult thing is to care for the pool, and you need to be ready for it when you buy it. The main struggle is with phytoplankton and drowned insects. For these purposes, there are special tools and chemicals. However, without a special approach and skills, chemicals are not enough.

There are a lot of different kinds of chemicals for swimming pools available. They can be liquid or tableted. There are also a lot of different dispensers and other devices. All of them promise cleanliness and hygiene of the pool.
The net for pool simply not replaceable thing. Only with its help it is possible to remove from pool  insects, leaves and other floating dust. It is desirable to buy a branded net with a long handle, and not to engage in invention. A good net will save a lot of effort and nerves.
The filter for pool is a very important thing. The filter consists of two tubes and a pump with a filter element installed inside. With the help of the filter you can do a lot of things when taking care of the pool.
More information you can find in section “Cleaning tools and chemicals”.

In addition, for a good rest you will need various inflatable floats, balls, inflatable drink holders for the pool. All this you can buy in our online store.