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Best chemical for pool

Pool chemicals… What is it for? Why can’t you do without it? The point is that the pool is a living organism, with its microflora and microfauna. The pool water is inhabited by millions of microorganisms, which develop more and more, the warmer the water, the more bathing people visit it, the more external factors affect the water, such as rain, scorching sun, dust, etc. And the sooner the microorganisms are controlled, the more properly the chemicals are dosed, the longer the pool water will remain clean, transparent and free of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi).

For this purpose the whole complex of chemical preparations which do not replace each other and purposefully struggle with a certain problem is developed.

What chemicals do I need for my pool?

There are many manufacturers of chemicals for swimming pools, but all of them have absolutely identical set of preparations, the most popular of which: pH minus or pH plus, algicide, high-speed chlorine, slow chlorine, flocculant.

What is more, to keep your swimming pool clean you should buy and use different cleanning tools for swimming pool.