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Grass trimmer

The advantage of the trimmer is the price. The design is so simple that there is no need to set a high price. The most valuable element is a simple electric motor. The advantages of the trimmer are obvious – simple design, light weight and compactness. The tools works silently, it does not need to refuel, carry gasoline. There are almost no vibrations.

Electric grass  trimmer is not heavy, and that is the main thing. After all, you have to wear it when working on your shoulders. You do not hear the smell of gasoline and oil. But this is not all the advantages that can be highlighted.

If your garden has only six acres or less, it is appropriate to use an electric trimmer that works from the network. With this device it is convenient to mow the grass near the edges, near the house, under the benches, around the trees. It is convenient to work with a trimmer in greenhouses, removing weeds.

Of course, the power cable on the trimmer is not very long, but it can be longer with an extension cord. But if the requirements are not met, you can find a trimmer on a gasoline engine.