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Hosta in a pot: plant in a planter

Hosts are herbaceous perennials that can grow well in the same place for up to 20 years. Due to their unpretentiousness and independence, these plants are popular not only among professional gardeners, but even among beginners. For all fans of these beautiful perennials, our online store offers not only hosta seeds, but plants in containers. Hostas are plants with a closed root system, which are completely ready for transportation and planting.

Our store sells the best varieties of the host in containers, including:

1) blue – Big Father (Big dad), Canadian blue, Fortunei Hyacinthina, Blue Cadet (Blue Cadet);

2) white – White Feather;

3) gold – Gold Standard (Gold Standard), Piedmont Gold (Piedmont Gold);

4) bicolors – Brim Cup, Wolverine, Fortunei Aureomarginata, Francee, Undalata Alpomarginata;

Grown plants are better because:

1) they have strong and healthy root system;

2) 100% survival of planting material;

3) professional substrate in which the plant is located;

4) plants can be replanted at any time (from April to October);

The cost of potted hosta differs slightly from seeds, but the convenience when working with seedlings is real! When planting, you just need to transfer the roots along with a clod of earth from the container to the hole. They are not injured and do not require recharge, as they remain in the nutrient substrate.