Garden Hoses

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Don’t want to carry water in buckets, but you can’t afford a full-fledged irrigation system at the moment? A smart solution would be to buy a watering hose. Choosing the right model is not particularly difficult since all you need to know is length, diameter and pressure. But if you want to make a more deliberate purchase, you should also take the material and design features into consideration. 

Hoses for garden come in handy for a wide range of tasks:

– Building an irrigation system for a garden, greenhouse or an outside recreation area;

– Pumping liquid from nearby reservoirs;

– Washing windows, fences, balconies and walkways;

– Washing cars, motorcycles or bicycles;

– Cleaning or filling the pool.

The watering hose is usually made of one of these materials: PVC, polyurethane, latex, rubber.

Here is a little tip if you choose to buy Garden Hose: the more layers it has, the more durable the model is, so if you are counting on it to be operable for years, choose three- or four-layer products, optionally with reinforcements.

Latex hoses for garden irrigation are an innovative new product on the market that is fundamentally different from other variants.

Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they expand under pressure, while being filled, they remain light enough. At the end of irrigation, they shrink, facilitating transportation and storage.

There are also polyurethane garden hoses for sale that are particularly flexible, resistant to damage and, therefore, will last for many years. There are regular and stretchable options for these. 

When it comes to choosing the right hose, we recommend that you decide on its future functionality. For example, to water crops with a drip method, you should buy a hose with a special gun. Reinforced hoses are as strong and weather-resistant as possible, they are advisable to use when performing complex work (pumping large volumes of water under pressure). Looking for a versatile helper? Buy an expandable one! If you are looking for a cheap Garden Hose, look into rubber ones.

The price is formed taking by the following indicators:

– material of construction;

– number of layers (usual single-layer, two-, three- or four-layer structure);

– Presence of reinforcement;

– Length;

– Thickness (most popular: 1 ”, 1/2 ”, 1/4 ”, 3/16 ”, 3/4 ”, 3/8 ”, 4 ”, 5/4 ”, 5 /eight”);

– Whether it is a premade kit of products.

Some manufacturers offer premade kits, including hoses (with the necessary adapters, tips, gun), a holder, a comfortable transport trolley.