Lawn mowers

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Lawnmowers are good at cutting vegetation quickly and efficiently, ensuring the same grass turf height over the entire area.
Externally, the machine is a closed trolley with four (sometimes three) wheels. The main components are housing, engine, cutting knife and control arms. The motor torque is transmitted to the shaft on which the blade is mounted. The blade rotates quickly and cuts the grass. During operation, the operator steps behind the machine by holding the handles and pointing (or pushing) the machine in the desired direction.

Varieties of lawnmowers

Electric lawnmowers.

Lightweight, compact and easy to use. They are used on small lawns as they are tied to a socket by cable.

Gasoline lawnmowers.

Autonomous and always more powerful. They are used in large areas. Are actual for municipal services at cutting of a grass in parks and squares. At home, such a tool is necessary if the lawn is large or the area is located far from the network.

Rechargeable lawnmowers.

Combine all the advantages of the two previous types. There is no mains connection, and there is no hassle with servicing and refueling of the gasoline engine. Technical characteristics are almost as good as those of gasoline models. The only disadvantage is high price.