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Best lawn rollers

In order to keep the lawn in perfect condition, it is necessary to regularly care for it, to ensure that the grass is healthy and the surface is flat. A flat lawn is comfortable to mow – the mower does not bounce and the cutting blades are hardly blunted. It is safe to walk barefoot, even for children.

But in order to achieve the desired evenness, the lawn needs to be rolled regularly, which is no less important for the lawn than grass seeding and mowing. And to get the desired result, you need to buy a special roller for the lawn.

Another name for a lawn roller is the garden roller. They can be used to level out the lawn shortly after it has been laid. You can walk along the lawn with the garden roller to get rid of all sorts of bumps. A properly rolled lawn almost never sags in time.

Why is roller for lawn so important?

It is especially important to use the garden roller after laying your lawn. It is then closely adjoined to the ground and, accordingly, quickly settles in. This is confirmed by any landscape designer.

Don’t forget to use a lawn roller after repairing the surface, regardless of whether you have repaired the entire lawn or only a few areas of it. During the roller process, all the potholes will be level with the face of the ground and your lawn will have the same attractive appearance as before.

If you plan to equip garden paths with, for example, gravel, a lawn roller is also useful here. It perfectly compacts the surface of the paths, so that when you step on them, your feet will feel the hard surface, not fall a few centimeters into the depths.

Rolling a new lawn for the first time is extremely important, but we would like to emphasise once again that it is advisable to roll the lawn regularly, especially after mowing and scattering the mulch. The fertiliser is then optimally absorbed, the soil is saturated and the grass grows even, juicy and green.