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The shovel is the most important tool used in gardens, gardens and households. This “cottage” tool is simply irreplaceable during harvesting of the countryside. What would seem to be so special about a simple shovel? Choosing the right shovel will not only save you a lot of time, but will also make harvesting, tree planting as simple as possible.
There are many different types of shovels with different blades and cuttings for different jobs. Let’s look at the most common ones:
1. a bayonet shovel. A versatile option that allows you to perform a wide front of work. Even hard soil can be dug and the roots can be easily cut.
2. a spade with a rounded blade. Excellent for loose soil.
3. a shovel with a curved cut and a blade. Thanks to its spoon-like shape, it allows you to work with less effort than usual.
4. Shovel for excavation work. Thanks to its long blade and pointed shape, it is ideal for digging holes and trenches in stony, clayey and hard soil.

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