Fortunei Aureomarginata

Hosta "Fortunei Aureomarginata" review

AGM. Green leaves have a prominent gold edge that holds all year. 25 - 75 % shade. Some years ago this taxon was exported to Japan, cultivated the world over. It is well known to gardeners being probably one of the 5 most common hostas. Unfortunately, this variety is sold under a number of different names (e.g. 'Golden Crown', 'Yellow Edge', and 'Ellerbroek' which actually is a different cultivar). Dark green leaves with rich golden-yellow border. (Plant 24x18) Dark green leaves with a yellow margin.  Lavender flowers. Some might consider this too ordinary for our list, but I'm not convinced that a plant has to scream at you to merit consideration. It has the classic neat, mounded form, with dark green leaves edged in gold. It is a vigorous grower that multiplies quickly, making it ideal for massing. Lavender flowers. Dark green leaves with a stunning golden-yellow border. Lilac flowers on 24" scapes in late July-August. Deep green oval leaves (10"x8") graduate to a fine point. Color is accented by a marked gold edge. A matte sheen and recessed ribs make this hosta beautiful up close or in the back of the garden. Dense mounding habit and stable color in hottest summer. A multitude of garden possibilities from specimen to mass planting. 14"x24". Blooms lavender. Shade to 3/4 sun. Growth rapid. The dark green foliage is set off with a gold border. Lavender flowers. Dark green; pretty yellow edges. Known as gold crown.

Hosta "Fortunei Aureomarginata" information:

Size Category medium - large
Hosta height x width inches
Leaf length x width inches
Vein pairs
Leaf color
Variegation edge
Leaf type
Scape height
Flower lavender
Flower length
Flowering period July
Sports 'Academy Redundant' sport/gw 'Academy White Edge' sport/gw 'Anne' sport/gy 'Ellerbroek' sport/gy 'Holiday White' sport/wg 'Island Fling' sport/gy 'Kiwi Treasure Trove' sport/gy 'Lightning Bay' sport/yg 'Owen Online' sport/yg 'Rays of Sunshine' sport/gy 'Sarah Farmer' sport/os 'Sarah's Sister' sport/gy 'Spring Gold' sport/ 'Twilight' sport/gy
Progeny 'Crown Royalty' = 'Carol' x PP 'Tucker Blues' = montana x PP