Fortunei Albopicta

Hosta "Fortunei Albopicta" review

AGM. Lustrous yellow chartreuse centers with pure dark green irregular margins. Turns soft green in summer. Long narrow pointed leaves. 25 - 75 % shade. Some undulations, glaucous below. Light lavender flowers in September. Light yellow-green leaves with a deep green margin in the spring, the center of the leaf slowly turns green as the season progresses; lavender flowers. Pale creamy yellow leaves with wide, irregular mid to dark green margins, turning all green in summer. Its spring coloring is spectacular in masses. Called the 'Chelsea Hosta' in Britain because it is used so extensively at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Lavender flowers. Light yellow-green foliage with a dark green border forming a dense mound. Turns all green by summer. Lilac-white flowers July-mid-August.

Hosta "Fortunei Albopicta" information:

Size Category medium
Hosta height x width inches
Leaf length x width inches
Vein pairs 9-10
Leaf color
Variegation medio, viridescent
Leaf type
Scape height
Flower lavender
Flower length
Flowering period
Ploidy 2-2-2
Sports 'Chelsea Babe' sport/gg 'Elizabeth Campbell' sport/wgv 'Fortunei Aurea' sport/yy 'Fortunei Viridis' sport/gg 'Foxfire Divine Winds' sport/cg 'Golden Picture' sport/yy 'Lady Lou' sport/gg 'Maya' sport/ygv 'Pipestone' sport/gw
Progeny 'Iceland' = 'Fortunei Albomarginata' x PP 'Little Picture' seedling