Empress Wu

Hosta "Empress Wu" review

Hosta Empress Wu is the largest host in the world, reaching the height up to 150 cm and 120 cm in diameter. Giant, dark green leaves are very tough, with a waffle-compressed texture and strong venation. The leaves are located on long stalks growing almost vertically upwards. In the spring, the foliage acquires a bluish tint due to the characteristic wax coating, which is destroyed during the summer, causing the leaves to turn dark green. It blooms in July-August with light lavender flowers without aroma. To achieve the maximum decorative effect and the huge sizes, good watering and dressing are recommended. Hosta Empress Wu requires shadow or penumbra, in such a case the blue color of the foliage will be more pronounced.

Hosta "Empress Wu" information:

Size Category
Hosta height x width 125x275 cm (49x108 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 70x63 cm (28x25 in.) inches
Vein pairs 17-18
Leaf color
Leaf type
Scape green
Scape height 150 cm (59 in.)
Flower pale lavender
Flower length 7.5 cm (3 in.)
Flowering period June - July
Fertile yes
Pod green
Patents PP20774, CPBR4240, EUPBR32902
Sports 'Dreamliner' sport/os'Empress Wu streaked' sport/os'Gabriel's Wing' sport/gc'Kingsday' sport/yg'Kingsize' sport/gg'Royal Empress' sport/gy'Super Ego' sport/os'Wu Hoo' sport/gy'Wu-la-la' sport/bg'Wunderbar' sport/gy
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