Trade Wind

Hosta "Trade Wind" review

'Trade Winds'. Streaked breeder:** 2 toned green with white streaking, shiny above and glaucous bloom underneath. Broadly ovate with a cordate base. Lightly corrugated with heavy thick substance. Lavender flowers. Quickly sports to 'Second Wind' and 'Whirlwind' all in the same plant at the same time. The streaked version of like Hosta 'Whirlwind' (Kulpa-90), gives streaked viridescent seedlings, two tone green, real different, well worth it.

Hosta "Trade Wind" information:

Size Category medium - large
Hosta height x width 60x90 cm (24x35 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 22x17 cm (9x7 in.) inches
Vein pairs 8
Leaf color
Variegation streaked, unstable
Leaf type heavy, a bit shiny, a bit corrugated
Petiole heavy, a bit shiny, a bit corrugated
Scape green
Scape height 90 cm (35 in.)
Flower pale lavender,striped
Flower length 6.5 cm (2.6 in.)
Flowering period July - August
Fertile yes/breeder
Ploidy 4-4-4
Progeny 'Gary Jones' = PP x 'Dorset Blue'