Timeless Beauty

Hosta "Timeless Beauty" review

The popularity of certain hosta characteristics rise and fall, but some looks are indeed timeless. This sport out of the star-studded 'Halcyon' tribe may be comparable to others in the family, but there is no question that it is a beautiful plant! Thick leaves have a wide, powder-blue margin that hugs a narrow white center. The white center is creamy yellow for a short time in early spring and flashes of light green are found between the center and margin colors. A little slow, but Hosta 'Timeless Beauty' will form a compact, durable clump about a foot high and 2 feet wide in time. Morning sun will encourage quicker growth. Lavender flowers in mid summer.

Hosta "Timeless Beauty" information:

Size Category medium
Hosta height x width 25x40 cm (10x16 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 10x6 cm (4x2 in.) inches
Vein pairs 8
Leaf color
Variegation medio
Leaf type a bit shiny
Petiole a bit shiny
Scape blue
Scape height 35 cm (14 in.)
Flower lavender
Flower length 5 cm (2 in.)
Flowering period June - July
Fertile no