Hosta "Tambourine" review

13" tall. Light Shade. Medium green with a white margin. Lavender flowers. Fertile. Glossy, upright, green with white margin. A real stunner in the garden. This Lachman hybrid of Hosta 'Resonance' has 6" heart shaped leaves of rich green, surrounded by a wide creamy white edge. One of my favorite features is the bright reddish purple pigment on the petioles that provides a dramatic color combination within the foliage. The upright, spreading growth habit produces a 2' wide clump, which is topped in mid summer with 20" scapes of light lavender flowers. A medium green with glossy leaves and creamy white margins; lavender flowers. An upright plant with beautiful heart-shaped leaves with wavy edges, green with a 1" creamy white margin. Purple flowers. Lush green leaves are bordered in creamy white. Clumps are 2' across by 14" high. Beautiful form. Perfect size for the border. Lavender flowers. Vernalized. A knockout with frosted green leaves edged in cream. The leaves are held up to show off the complementary red petioles. Lavender flowers.

Hosta "Tambourine" information:

Size Category small - medium
Hosta height x width inches
Leaf length x width inches
Vein pairs
Leaf color
Variegation edge
Leaf type
Scape height
Flower length
Flowering period
Fertile yes
Sports 'Harmonica' sport/yw