Summer Fragrance

Hosta "Summer Fragrance" review

'Fragrant Summer' (230-HN). 24" tall. Light Shade. Green center bordered with a neat almost uniform narrow creamy white edging. A dense vase shaped clump almost 36" tall. Extremely fragrant, very large purple flowers in August. Need some sun to bloom. Glossy green with cream border, very fragrant and nice. The long, light green leaves have nice white borders on this upright vase shaped hosta. The 3' wide clump is topped with very fragrant lavender flowers on 40" scapes in mid summer...a very vigorous grower that you are sure to love. Green leaves with a uniform white margin and fragrant lavender flowers. A plantaginea hybrid with large medium green leaves with a wide, irregular white margin. Fragrant lavender-purple flowers. A plantaginea hybrid, this is one of my favorite fragrant hostas. It forms a large graceful mound of medium green leaves with white margins. 'Sugar and Cream' is similar, and some might prefer its white flowers, but this one grows faster for me and I like the tall spikes of lavender flowers tinged with purple. Deep green with creamy white edges. Fragrant pale lavender flowers. Forerunner of a series of fragrant flowered hosta, medium to large leaves deep green with irregular cream-white edge, some lighter green streaks. Flowers lavendar.

Hosta "Summer Fragrance" information:

Size Category large
Hosta height x width 60x100 cm (24x39 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 30x22 cm (12x9 in.) inches
Vein pairs 9-11
Leaf color
Variegation edge
Leaf type cordate, wavy
Petiole cordate, wavy
Scape height 100 cm (39 in.)
Flower pale lavender,bell
Fragrant very fragrant
Flower length 6 cm (2.4 in.)
Flowering period August - September
Fertile limited/difficult
Sports 'Edwin Bibby' sport/os 'Green Summer Fragrance' sport/gg 'Quintessence' sport/gc
Progeny 'Aqua Velva' = ('Polly Bishop' x 'Blue Lace') x PP 'Bette Davis Eyes' = PP x 'Christmas Tree' 'Lindsay Strub' = PP x 'Green Fountain' 'Raspberry Beauty' = kikutii var. polyneuron x PP