Sum It Up

Hosta "Sum It Up" review

A sport of Hosta 'Sum and Substance' with an edge. Same as Hosta 'Bottom Line'. A Hosta 'Sum and Substance' mutation--it has huge green centered leaves with a 1/4" gold margin. The leaves have a smooth shiny texture and extremely thick substance. The lavender flowers are borne on 36"+ scapes. Will take a little more sun but not as much as it's parent. A green center, gold margined sport of the popular 'Sum and Substance' this hosta may make an even larger clump than its parent. The margin is somewhat variable, rarely narrow but also rarely wide. Typical light lavender flowers in July on arching bloom scapes. Gold edged Sum and Substance. A sport of 'Sum and Substance', the herculean leaves are dark green with a gold edge of variable width. The marginal display is most apparent when given plenty of sun. In all honesty, I cannot tell you the difference between this one and 'Lady Isobel Barnett', other than originating on two different continents. Lavender flowers.

Hosta "Sum It Up" information:

Size Category very large
Hosta height x width 85x220 cm (33x87 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 40x30 cm (16x12 in.) inches
Vein pairs 16-18
Leaf color
Variegation edge
Leaf type thick, bovate, wavy, cupped
Petiole thick, bovate, wavy, cupped
Scape height 125 cm (49 in.)
Flower pale lavender,tubular
Flower length 7.5 cm (3 in.)
Flowering period July - August
Ploidy 3-3-3
Sports 'Friar Tuck' sport/gy 'How About That!' sport/os