Hosta "Spritzer" review

Cream center with two-tone green margin. Cascading habit. Flowers in August. Plant is upright and leaves arch outward and downward. Yellow and white center with a green margin. Flowers are purple tinged white. Pest resistant. Sun tolerant. Upright bright gold with lime green margin. An upright mound of two-tone leaves, a green variable edge with a yellow center. Long, pointed, upright leaves are yellow to white with irregular light and dark green margins. Purple flowers. Long pointed leaves with rippling, green margins and yellow to white centers. Pest resistant and sun tolerant. Upright mound with light lavender trumpet-shaped flowers in midsummer. Site on slope to enjoy cascading form. (Plant 18x18)

Hosta "Spritzer" information:

Size Category medium
Hosta height x width 55x120 cm (22x47 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 24x13 cm (9x5 in.) inches
Vein pairs 8
Leaf color
Leaf type shiny, rippled margin
Petiole shiny, rippled margin
Scape height 90 cm (35 in.)
Flower pale lavender
Flower length
Flowering period August - September
Fertile yes/breeder
Sports 'Golden Spritzer' sport/yy 'Stichery' sport/os
Progeny 'French Cancan' seedling 'French Kiss' = 'Chartreuse Wiggles' x PP 'Friends' seedling 'Katrina Jo' hybrid 'Kempen Waving Shadow' = PP x 'Tequila Sunrise' 'Lakeside Party Dress' = "seedling" x PP 'Lullabye' seedling 'Predominance' = PP x sieboldiana 'Elegans' 'Ritz' = PP x sieboldiana 'Elegans' 'Saint Sebastian' = 'One Man's Treasure' x PP 'Sarah Katherine' seedling 'Stripling Warrior' = PP x pycnophylla 'Sunny Side Up' = PP x yingeri 'Tequila Sunrise' = PP x pycnophylla 'Terra Marie' = 'Stitchery' x PP 'Tiffany Tune' = 'Piedmont Gold' x PP 'Twilight Time' seedling