Shark Skin

Hosta "Shark Skin" review

'Shark Skin' is a sport of 'Garden Treasure'! 'Shark Skin' is named so because of its iridescence in the sunlight! Variations in its color appear in the breeze and sunlight. Like the skin of the shark that it is named for, shades of greens and blues appear washing across the leaf surface. A large hosta, with growth up to 28" tall by 48-54" across, this intriguing plant has leaves of light green/chartreuse that measure 6.5" wide by 9.5" long. Leaves are roundish with heavy corrugation and are cupped. In the landscape, this nicely clumping hosta is a show stopper!

Hosta "Shark Skin" information:

Size Category
Hosta height x width 70x130 cm (28x51 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 24x17 cm (9x7 in.) inches
Vein pairs 14
Leaf color
Leaf type very cupped, very corrugated
Petiole very cupped, very corrugated
Scape green
Scape height 70 cm (28 in.)
Flower pinkish white,bell
Flower length 4 cm (1.6 in.)
Flowering period August - September
Fertile yes
Pod green