Sea Monster

Hosta "Sea Monster" review

Large, bright green cupped leaves. White flowers in July. Blue green cupped rugose leaves. White flowers. Extremely cupped and crinkled blue-green leaves with white flowers. Very large, bluish green leaves, cupped and extremely puckered. Makes a very impressive specimen. White flowers. This will form a large mound of intensely corrugated green foliage. It has excellent substance. Near-white flowers. Large plant. Green leaves corrugated. Good substance. Flowers near white.

Hosta "Sea Monster" information:

Size Category xtra large
Hosta height x width inches
Leaf length x width 65x28 cm (26x11 in.) inches
Vein pairs 16
Leaf color
Leaf type cupped, rugose
Petiole cupped, rugose
Scape height 70 cm (28 in.)
Flower white,flaring
Flower length
Flowering period July
Sports 'Lochness Monster' sport/gy
Progeny 'American Monster' = PP x 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa' 'Lakeside Main Man' = "unnamed seedling" x PP 'Lochness' hybrid 'Monster Babe' hybrid 'Swamp Monster' hybrid 'Timeless Treasure' seedling