Hosta "Purple Lady Finger" review

15" tall. Part Sun to Light Shade. Narrow dark green arching leaves. Brilliant purple flowers are the size and shape of ladyfinger firecrackers and remain completely closed. Dark green lance shaped leaf. Purple fire-cracker flowers. I know you think this is just another green hosta, but wait... this is really COOL... sorry for the 60's lingo! This cross of Hosta longissima x Hosta clausa has narrow green leaves and makes a 2' wide clump. In mid summer, the clump is smothered by 18" scapes with 100's of dark purple flowers that never open. This plant is absolutely outstanding when in flower... a vigorous multiplier.. .just the type your neighbors like! Dark green narrow leaves form an upright clump; purple buds don't open. Long, narrow green leaves, topped by many unusual purple flowers that elongate but do not open. An erect plant with dark green, lance-shaped leaves. Looks more like an ornamental grass than a hosta! Purple-striped flowers which never open.

Hosta "Purple Lady Finger" information:

Size Category small - medium
Hosta height x width 35x50 cm (14x20 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 25x2 cm (10x1 in.) inches
Vein pairs
Leaf color
Leaf type glossy, flat, narrow
Petiole glossy, flat, narrow
Scape height 45 cm (18 in.)
Flower purple,closed
Flower length
Flowering period July - August - September