Old Faithful

Hosta "Old Faithful" review

Twelve inch long corrugated green leaves with purple petioles. Near white fragrant flowers on 40" scapes. An outstanding new introduction from a cross of plantaginea and 'Regal Rhubarb'. Large green leaves, nicely veined with some puckering, are held upright on long dark purple petioles. Large fragrant near white flowers. Vase shape, red stems. Bred from the difficult Hosta plantaginea. After hundreds of tries, Indiana's master hybridizer Olga Petryszyn collected one.... the only seed. It grew to be a fast growing, glossy green hosta with reddish petioles. To Olga's satisfaction, the large white flowers are wonderfully fragrant and the form beautiful to look at. Give 'Old Faithful' a good amount of light for maximum flowering. A keeper!

Hosta "Old Faithful" information:

Size Category large
Hosta height x width 58x90 cm (23x35 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 30x20 cm (12x8 in.) inches
Vein pairs 11
Leaf color
Leaf type leathery, glossy, rugose
Petiole leathery, glossy, rugose
Scape height 100 cm (39 in.)
Flower nr white,flared
Fragrant fragrant
Flower length
Flowering period August - September
Fertile no
Sports 'Fragrant Fire' sport/gy