Lakeside Cupcake

Hosta "Lakeside Cupcake" review

Eunice Fisher Distinguished Merit Award winner 2007. As a seedling 'Lakeside Cupcake' displayed colors, shapes, and substance that claimed my attention, but it was several years before it became stable. It was worth the wait. The creamy white centers of the cupped leaves are encircled with a wide band of blue-green. A leaf from this plant was voted best variegated plant in 1999. It was registered in 1998. It has a moderate growth rate and nearly round leaves with cordate bases. The parentage is Hosta "streaked seedling" x Hosta "blue seedling." [MC]. A deep blue green border contrasts the glowing white center of these cupped leaves. A favorite of all who see it. Voted best variegated leaf at show in Ann Arbor.

Hosta "Lakeside Cupcake" information:

Size Category small - medium
Hosta height x width 15x46 cm (6x18 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 13x13 cm (5x5 in.) inches
Vein pairs
Leaf color
Variegation medio
Leaf type good, cupped
Petiole good, cupped
Scape height
Flower whitish
Flower length
Flowering period July
Sports 'Dusty Waters' sport/bb 'Half and Half' sport/wg 'Hotcakes' sport/gg