Hosta "Labyrinth" review

The late Ed Elslager created a pretty nice group of hostas during his time and one of the nicer ones is called 'Color a la Mode'. It's an interesting cross of 'Color Fantasy' and hypoleuca that isn't really around very much. Rarer still is the streaked form 'Labyrinth'. This one has some interesting parental potential as it sets viable seed and gives a good percentage of streaked seedlings. Technically a reversion to the original streaked form, a small number of these plants came from TCing 'Color a la Mode' at Q and Z Nursery. As Q and Z has no plans to place 'Labyrinth' back into culture, the few that came as byproducts will likely be all there are. We're not sure how many there were but it wasn't very many and 'Color a la Mode' seems to be no longer in production.

Hosta "Labyrinth" information:

Size Category medium
Hosta height x width 30x66 cm (12x26 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 15x11 cm (6x4 in.) inches
Vein pairs 9-10
Leaf color
Variegation streaked, unstable
Leaf type
Scape height 60 cm (24 in.)
Flower pale lavender
Flower length
Flowering period July
Fertile yes/breeder