King Croesus

Hosta "King Croesus" review

Another interesting plant from Alex Malloy, this large-leafed gold develops a subtle but interesting mottled pattern as the season wears on. The plant's name, 'King Croesus', is perhaps familiar to most from the expression "Rich as Croesus". Croesus ascended the throne in Sardis (part of modern-day Turkey) in 560 BC and was the first to mint coins from gold and silver. A lasting lesson comes from his meeting with Greek philosopher Solon, who told him in essence that wealth is not the key to happiness. This, of course, is an excellent reason to shed some wealth and take home your very own 'King Croesus' to remind you of the important things in life. Locate this king of a hosta somewhere near the door so you can reflect on the lessons his follies have taught us. You can think of the growing mottling as storm clouds gathering on the Sardis horizon as Croesus foolishly lost his kingdom. This plant won a Blue Ribbon at First Look 2.

Hosta "King Croesus" information:

Size Category large
Hosta height x width 53x105 cm (21x41 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 28x20 cm (11x8 in.) inches
Vein pairs
Leaf color
Leaf type wavy, very rippled
Petiole wavy, very rippled
Scape height 80 cm (31 in.)
Flower white
Flower length
Flowering period