Hosta "Kifukurin Ko Mame" review

=gracillima 'Kifukurin Ko Mame'. Very small clump of wavy green with creamy margins. Choice. Ko="small", Mame="pea". 3" tall. Light Shade to Shade. This tiny yellow edged sport of Hosta gracillima was found on Kyushu Island in Japan. The narrow, very wavy green leaves are highlighted by a narrow golden border. Perfect for the small woodland rock garden, Hosta 'Kifukurin Ko Mame' will eventually make a 10" wide clump topped by dark purple flowers in summer. Wavy leaves and cream margins, 3"clump with beautiful purple flwrs. (Kee-foo-koo-reen ko ma-may) Another convention charmer-- only 3" across with beautiful purple flowers. Wavy leaves and cream margins. Diminutive delight. Rare variegated Yakushimi Mizu. A rare variegated form of 'Yakushima Mizu'. The narrow, upright, wavy, green leaves are edged in yellow. An irresistible plant! Lavender flowers. Tiny, green leaves with creamy margins, similar to a miniature 'Stiletto', a real prize.

Hosta "Kifukurin Ko Mame" information:

Size Category mini - small
Hosta height x width 9x18 cm (4x7 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 5x2 cm (2x1 in.) inches
Vein pairs 2
Leaf color
Variegation edge
Leaf type shiny, wavy
Petiole shiny, wavy
Scape green
Scape height 23 cm (9 in.)
Flower lavender
Flower length
Flowering period August - September
Ploidy 2-2-2