Hosta "Invincible" review

The hosta Invincible is one of only a few varieties that we recommend for planting full sun. Invincible is somewhat of a fast growing hosta with very glossy, green heart shaped leaves . Fragrant lavender flowers appear in late summer. Unlike most hostas Invincible can easily tolerate extreme heat and full sun as long as it’s water needs are met. Good leaf substance with great pest resistance.

Hosta "Invincible" information:

Size Category small - medium
Hosta height x width 25x35 cm (10x14 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 13x8 cm (5x3 in.) inches
Vein pairs 6
Leaf color
Leaf type good, glossy, cordate, wavy-undulate
Petiole good, glossy, cordate, wavy-undulate
Scape height
Flower white/pale lavender,funnel
Fragrant fragrant
Flower length
Flowering period July - August
Fertile yes/breeder
Ploidy 2-2-2
Sports 'Abba Ready' sport/gw 'Braveheart' sport/gg 'Dan Patch' sport/gy 'Devon Cloud' sport/ygv 'Innocent Desire' sport/gw 'Invincible Light' sport/yg 'Invincible streaked' sport/osv 'Invincible yellow center vdT' sport/yg 'Spring Circle' sport/gyv 'Sugar and Spice' sport/gc
Progeny 'Birthday Cake' = 'Red Neck Heaven' x PP 'Devastator' hybrid 'Dixie Chick' = 'Masquerade' x PP 'Elrod' = PP x pycnophylla 'Fragrant Star' = PP x 'June' 'Glossy Ruffles' seedling 'Grasshopper' hybrid 'Heart of Hearts' = PP x 'Guacamole' 'Invincible Spirit' hybrid 'Irish Luck' seedling 'Jake' = PP x pycnophylla 'Kaboom' = PP x 'Maya Kingsnake' 'Lakeside Emerald Lights' = ventricosa x PP 'Lederhosen' hybrid 'Lottie Daa' = 'Subcrocea' x PP 'Moonlight Sonata' = PP x 'Northern Halo' 'Morning Angel' = PP x 'Izumi' 'Nightlife' = PP x sieboldiana 'Elegans' 'Oil Paint' = ('Sea Prize' x 'Hirao Majesty') x PP 'Red Stepper' hybrid 'Rosedale Barnie' = ventricosa x PP 'Rosedale Dough Boy' = ventricosa x PP 'Rosedale Stitched in Silk' = ventricosa x PP 'Sassy' = 'Art Shane' x PP 'Shady Affair' seedling 'Slick Willie' = ventricosa x PP 'Sweet Bo Peep' selfed 'The Sweetest Thing' seedling 'Valley's Green Beez' = 'Maya Kingsnake' x PP