Hart's Tongue

Hosta "Hart's Tongue" review

Also Hosta sieboldii 'Hart's Tongue'. It is rare that a hosta on a Convention Tour catches my eye and sticks in my brain for several years. But that is what has happened with Bob Kuk's 'Hart's Tongue'. If you like hostas that do not look like hostas this one is for you. It is a spring gold, a small but extremely upright Hosta sieboldii. The foliage becomes somewhat puckered with age and does resemble a Hart's Tongue Fern. The bright purple flowers on tall, stiff scapes give this hosta even more height and verticality. Perfect if planted next to a mounded rock. Certainly something more akin to liriope than a hosta. One inch wide, upright chartreuse leaves. Turns green later in the season. Erect chartreuse leaves which turn a medium green (viridescent) are slightly rugose with undulated margins. Lavender flowers in late August. This Hosta bears a striking resemblance to a Harts Tongue Fern. Very different, a hosta that doesn't look like a hosta! Small very upright narrow strap-like leaves are bright yellow early and then become lime as the season progresses. A Hosta sieboldii hybrid that is topped with bright purple flowers held on tall scapes.

Hosta "Hart's Tongue" information:

Size Category small - medium
Hosta height x width inches
Leaf length x width inches
Vein pairs
Leaf color
Variegation viridescent
Leaf type
Scape height
Flower lavender
Flower length
Flowering period August