Frances Williams

Hosta "Frances Williams" review

The Hosta Frances Williams is one of the most widely grown varieties in the US. It’s hard to find a hosta garden without this tried an true plant. Frances Williams produces lush foliage with giant blue-green leaves with wide golden yellow margins. Leaves are corrugated and slug resistant. White flowers emerge on 30″ scapes. in mid summer.

Hosta "Frances Williams" information:

Size Category medium - large
Hosta height x width inches
Leaf length x width inches
Vein pairs 16
Leaf color
Variegation edge
Leaf type round, corrugated, cupped
Petiole round, corrugated, cupped
Scape height
Flower white
Flower length
Flowering period
Fertile yes
Ploidy 2-2-2
Sports 'Broadway Frances' sport/gy 'DuPage Delight' sport/yg 'Forever Frances' sport/gy 'Frances Williams Squash Edge' sport/gy 'Golden Circles' sport/gy 'Golden Mammoth' sport/yy 'Golden Sunburst' sport/yy 'Hadspen Honey' sport/yy 'Linda Sue' sport/gy 'Maple Leaf' sport/gy 'Newborn' sport/gy 'Queen of Islip' sport/yg 'Samurai' sport/gy 'Sara's Sensation' sport/gy 'Sunlight' sport/yy 'Susan-elizabeth' sport/gg 'Time Tunnel' sport/gy
Progeny 'Blue Bayou' hybrid 'Blue Lace' selfed 'Blue Saucers' = sieboldiana 'Elegans' x PP 'Blue Steel' selfed 'Blueberry Muffin' = PP x 'Fall Bouquet' 'Bold Edger' = 'Beatrice' x PP 'Breeders Choice' = ('Beatrice' x 'Beatrice') x PP 'Buttercup' selfed 'Celebrity' = 'Beatrice F6' x PP 'Christmas Tree' = "Vaughn 73-2" x PP 'Derek Coxs' selection 'Dorothy Benedict' selfed 'Dorothy's Brother' selfed 'Eleanor J. Reath' = PP x sieboldiana 'Elegans' 'Exuberant' = 'Breeder's Choice' x PP 'Formal Attire' = 'Breeder's Choice' x PP 'Forncett Frances' seedling 'Foxy Doxy' = 'William Lachman' x PP 'Frances Williams Baby' selfed 'Fringe Benefit' seedling 'Galaxy' = (x 'Beatrice') x PP 'Gentle Giant' seedling 'Golden Nugget' hybrid 'Great Lakes' seedling 'Green Dragon' selfed 'Green Formal' hybrid 'Green Saucers' = sieboldiana 'Elegans' x PP 'Helen Doriot ' = PP x sieboldiana 'Elegans' 'Hoarfrost' seedling 'Joybells' = PP x 'Sunlight Sister' 'Julie Morss' hybrid 'Mad About Blue' = PP x ('Marilyn' x 'Tardiflora') 'Maui Buttercups' = PP x 'August Moon' 'Maui Yellow Kitten' = sieboldiana 'Elegans' x PP 'Midwest Gold' hybrid 'Mildred Seaver' = 'Breeder's Choice' x PP 'Old Bill' seedling 'Old Hump Back' seedling 'Pin Stripe' = 'Breeder's Choice' x PP 'Pin Stripe Sister' = 'Breeder's Choice' x PP 'Quilted Skies' = sieboldiana x PP 'Robert Frost' = 'Banana Sundae' x PP 'Roscoe' = sieboldiana 'Elegans' x PP 'Sea Blue' hybrid 'Sea Foam' hybrid 'Smokerise Frosted Vase' = PP x nigrescens 'Stormy Seas' = PP x ('Marilyn' x 'Tardiflora') 'Sunny Smiles' = 'Old Gold Edge' x PP 'Top Banana' = 'Beatrice' x PP 'William Lachman' = "Vaughn 73-2" x PP 'Witten Lodge' seedling