Ebony Spires

Hosta "Ebony Spires" review

Never released before and not in nor any plans to put into production, this plant was held back primarily due to its importance in breeding. This is the result of a cross between 'Urajiro Hachijo' and 'John Wargo' and is a stubborn parent when it comes to setting pods but has powerful pollen for bringing purple into the flower scapes. This plant is in the heritage of past and future introductions. Leaves are a dark green with undulating edge, flare upwards and out, of heavy substance and are glaucous backed. It resembles a darker, flared lancifolia with pizzaz in the bloom scapes and equal vigor. A 5 year mound grown in average conditions grows 18" high by 41" wide.

Hosta "Ebony Spires" information:

Size Category
Hosta height x width 45x100 cm (18x39 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 20x10 cm (8x4 in.) inches
Vein pairs 7-8
Leaf color
Leaf type very rippled margin, wavy, lance, a bit corrugated
Petiole very rippled margin, wavy, lance, a bit corrugated
Scape glaucous,black base
Scape height 90 cm (35 in.)
Flower length 5 cm (2 in.)
Flowering period August - September
Fertile no