Dancing Queen

Hosta "Dancing Queen" review

This amazing variety starts off the season bright yellow and remains yellow all season long. Dancing Queen is a very unique hosta that features bright yellow wedge-shaped leaves with pie crust edges. What really sets Dancing Queen apart from other varieties is that it emerges a bright yellow in the spring and remains yellow all season long – others normally start off as yellow and then transition to chartreuse. An absolute must have for any hosta lover!

Hosta "Dancing Queen" information:

Size Category large
Hosta height x width 45x75 cm (18x30 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 33x18 cm (13x7 in.) inches
Vein pairs 11
Leaf color
Leaf type very piecrust edge
Petiole very piecrust edge
Scape height
Flower pale lavender
Flower length
Flowering period July - August
Sports 'Amalia' sport/yg 'One Last Dance' sport/gy
Progeny 'Scituate Sunrise' = PP x 'Jade Cascade'