Crepe Suzette

Hosta "Crepe Suzette" review

Medium green with a white margin, ovate, flat leaves, 5" x 2". 12" scape with lavender flowers. A nice, small green with creamy white margin and lavender flower. Leaves are dark green w/creamy edge; a wonderful rock garden hosta. Low rosette of green, ovate leaves with a wide white margin. Very unusual. Lavender flowers. Small plant, dark green leaves with yellow margins of variable width. Lavender flowers. Rounded green leaf, margins splashed with white; most unusual.

Hosta "Crepe Suzette" information:

Size Category mini - small
Hosta height x width inches
Leaf length x width inches
Vein pairs 4
Leaf color
Variegation edge
Leaf type
Scape height
Flower lavender
Flower length
Flowering period
Fertile yes
Progeny 'Cherub' = PP x 'Blue Moon' 'Cream Cheese' selfed 'Crepe Soul' hybrid 'Let's Streak' selfed 'Mister Gee' = PP x 'Blue Moon' 'Moon River' = PP x 'Blue Moon' 'My Darling' hybrid 'Nordic Racer' = PP x 'Blue Moon' 'Virginia Reel' = PP x 'Riptide' 'Xerxes' hybrid