Bodacious Blue

Hosta "Bodacious Blue" review

Hosta 'Bodacious Blue' lives up to its name in every sense. It is a sieboldiana seedling obtained at a Hosta Society auction nine years ago and grown here at Dogwood Farm since 1991. Long coveted by visitors to our gardens, it has been by far our largest blue hosta for several years, and quite possibly the largest of all our hostas. Last year, our eight-year-old clump was 30" tall by 87" across, and Bob had removed several divisions from it the year before. Its leaves reach 10" width by 16" length, and each layer of leaves overlay the lower layer like shingles on a roof. These huge cascading leaves form a cascading fountain-like foliage mound. Light lavender to near-white flowers on strong 48” scapes appear above the foliage mound in early summer. This hosta's leaves resemble those of 'Blue Angel' in shape and size, and its flowers are very like those of 'Blue Angel' both in shape and time of bloom. However, it differs from 'Blue Angel' in its cascading foliage mound that extends clear to the ground, its more vigorous growth habit, and the extent to which its blooms rise above the foliage mound. For this year we have a very limited supply of orginator stock divisions from our own plant available for $45 each. Size 30" H X 87" W. Foliage Smooth, blue-green, ovate leaves with cordate base and pointed tip reach 10" wide by 16" long. Foliage mound cascades to ground like a fountain. Bloom Pale lavender to near-white flowers on 48" scapes in early summer. Best Quality Bigger, faster-growing, taller bloomscapes than Hosta 'Blue Angel'

Hosta "Bodacious Blue" information:

Size Category large
Hosta height x width 80x200 cm (31x79 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 45x30 cm (18x12 in.) inches
Vein pairs 15
Leaf color
Leaf type wavy, ovate, smooth
Petiole wavy, ovate, smooth
Scape blgr
Scape height 120 cm (47 in.)
Flower near white,tubular
Flower length 5 cm (2 in.)
Flowering period
Fertile yes