Hosta "Blue Seer" review

Intense chalky blue, very puckered, heavy substance. White flowers. Deep blue leaves with heavy puckering, heavy substance; topped with white flowers. One of the most interesting of the sieboldiana types with round, cupped deep blue leaves, heavily puckered, but not deeply cupped like 'Big Daddy'. White flowers. Intense blue with extremely puckered foliage. White flowers. Massive flowers.

Hosta "Blue Seer" information:

Size Category large
Hosta height x width 75x150 cm (30x59 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 29x24 cm (11x9 in.) inches
Vein pairs 17-18
Leaf color
Leaf type heavy, very corrugated, cupped, a bit wavy, bovate
Petiole heavy, very corrugated, cupped, a bit wavy, bovate
Scape height 85 cm (33 in.)
Flower near white
Flower length 5 cm (2 in.)
Flowering period June - July
Sports Gold Blue Seer' sport/yy
Progeny 'Algonquin' = 'Blue Steel' x PP 'American Ruffled Heart' seedling 'Big and Blue' = 'Dorothy Benedict' x PP