Hosta "Birchwood Elegance" review

Blue-green cordate, rugose. Large mounds of slightly wavy, dark green leaves. Sieboldiana type. Hybrid of Florence Shaw. A superb dark green, very large leaf, pointed and wide, with a heavy texture. The leaves have a characteristic drooping habit which does, indeed, give it a graceful appearance! Holds its elegant form all summer. White flowers. This plant has a very large leaf that remains very dark green all season. It has excellent substance and a stately growing habit; white flowers.

Hosta "Birchwood Elegance" information:

Size Category very large
Hosta height x width 85x195 cm (33x77 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 40x32 cm (16x13 in.) inches
Vein pairs 16-20
Leaf color
Leaf type corrugated, a bit wavy, thick
Petiole corrugated, a bit wavy, thick
Scape height 105 cm (41 in.)
Flower white
Flower length
Flowering period June - July
Fertile yes
Progeny 'Mossy Stone' seedling