August Moon

Hosta "August Moon" review

This is a perennial plant, with leaves of medium size (20-23 cm). The leaves are dull, slightly wavy, corrugated, with a cone-shaped top and strong venation. Plant height can be up to 40 cm and diameter up to 70 cm. The color of leaves is light green, changes to yellow at the end of the season. Hosta August Moon blossoms in July. Flowers are lilac, collected together on the peduncles. Hosta is an unpretentious and cold resistant plant, undemanding in maintaining. Hosta grows in all the types of soil, but it should be taken into account that constant moisture and the presence of nutrients in the soil are necessary for good development and growth.

Hosta "August Moon" information:

Size Category
Hosta height x width 60x110 cm (24x43 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 23x20 cm (9x8 in.) inches
Vein pairs 10-11
Leaf color
Variegation lutescent
Leaf type good, corrugated, a bit wavy, nround rounded
Petiole good, corrugated, a bit wavy, nround rounded
Scape height 65 cm (26 in.)
Flower lavender,tubular
Flower length 2.5 cm (1 in.)
Flowering period July - August
Fertile yes/breeder
Pod greenish-yellow
Sports 'Abiqua Moonbeam' sport/gy'August Beauty' sport/gy'August Emerald' sport/gg'August Moon Green' sport/gg'August Moonlight' sport/wg'Carolina Moon' sport/gw'Carols August Halo' sport/gw'Crystal Moon' sport/gy'Dark Moon' sport/gy'Dianne' sport/o'Dusty Moon' sport/yy'Earthshine' sport/gw'First Moon' sport/gy'Gosan August Clouds' sport/os'Gosan Moonskirt' sport/yw'Green August Moon' sport/gg'Harvest Moon' sport/'Indiana Knight' sport/gy'Indiana Moonshine' sport/yg'Iowa Moon' sport/yg'Jupiter' sport/gy'Kiwi Kaniere Gold' sport/yy'Kiwi Sunlover' sport/gy'Lunar Eclipse' sport/gw'Lunar Orbit' sport/yg'Lunar Sea' sport/yg'Mayan Moon' sport/gy'Moon over Lake Erie' sport/gy'Muted Moon' sport/gy'Rainbow's Moon' sport/gy'Randy Rachel' sport/yc'Richland Mayan Moon' sport/gy'Ring Around the Moon' sport/yb'September Sun' sport/yg'September Sunrise' sport/yg'September Surprise' sport/yg'Watermark' sport/o'Xanadu Paisley' sport/o'Xela' sport/gy
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