Hosta "Abiqua Recluse" review

Large plant with shiny yellow leaves. Best with some sun. Heart-shaped leaves are a glossy golden-yellow, very vigorous plant. Deeply impressed veins with slight puckering. An outstanding gold! Very pale violet flowers. Shiny yellow leaves needs some sun. Gives many sports. Glossy yellow leaves. Pale violet flowers in July. 1996 Tony Wellsbacher Award.

Hosta "Abiqua Recluse" information:

Size Category medium - large
Hosta height x width 58x120 cm (23x47 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 28x22 cm (11x9 in.) inches
Vein pairs 13-15
Leaf color
Leaf type good, glossy, corrugated
Petiole good, glossy, corrugated
Scape height 90 cm (35 in.)
Flower pale violet
Flower length
Flowering period June - July
Fertile yes
Sports 'Academy Blushing Recluse' sport/gy 'Appalachian Beauty' sport/gw 'Destiny' sport/gy 'Electrum Stater' sport/yw 'Glitter' sport/gg 'Packer Backer' sport/gy 'PAL's Plymouth Rock' sport/yy 'Paradigm' sport/yg 'Rich Uncle' sport/yy 'Wooden Nickel' sport/gy
Progeny 'Fat Boy' seedling