Abiqua Drinking Gourd

Hosta "Abiqua Drinking Gourd" review

Abiqua Drinking Gourd is always one of the first Hostas people notice in our gardens. Abiqua Drinking Gourd stands out in any garden with its powder blue, oval, cupped leaves and its large upright growth pattern. Plants have a moderate growth rate, but at maturity it reaches up to 2 feet. in height with a spread of 3 feet. Tubular shaped white flowers begin to appear around mid July.

Hosta "Abiqua Drinking Gourd" information:

Size Category medium - large
Hosta height x width 60x115 cm (24x45 in.) inches
Leaf length x width 25x25 cm (10x10 in.) inches
Vein pairs 15-16
Leaf color
Leaf type thick, round, very cupped, very corrugated
Petiole thick, round, very cupped, very corrugated
Scape height 75 cm (30 in.)
Flower near white
Flower length
Flowering period June - July
Fertile yes
Sports 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd streaked' sport/os 'Blueberry a la Mode' sport/bw 'Great Balls of Fire' sport/os 'Kiwi Green Gourd' sport/gg 'Kiwi Silver Cup' sport/
Progeny 'Blue Genes' = 'High Kicker' x PP 'Blue Moonlight Cup' = PP x 'Empress Wu' 'Blue Talon' seedling 'Blueberry Waffles' = 'Spilt Milk' x PP 'Cup of Joy' seedling 'Dixie Cups' = 'Korean Snow' x PP 'Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears' = 'Blue Mouse Ears' x PP 'Giantland Symmetry' = 'Silver Mine' x PP 'Old Smoky' = 'Maekawa' x PP 'Steely Dan' = 'Korean Snow' x PP